by Avril Amaya

at times, the beauty was so
overwhelming that all i could
do was watch and cry

at times, the universe reveled with me
at its own majesty and cried too,
pouring warm rains on my body,

i hold my face up to the sky
and receive the blessing

the wind comes in to my ears, and
when i open my mouth, it ventures in there too,
not shy to explore every part of me, making the
grasses next to me dance in

ecstasy, their little pink flowers are

at times, i have to stop and sit on the side of the empty
road, and write of the beauty,
as it drips out of my every pore

if we could all feel the painful
bliss of being alive with all this
goodness around

who put all this goodness here?
i would like to thank them.

the sun gives me energy
the rain moves my legs faster
the wind pumps my heart like
a bellows

the clouds race me and want to play
the earth receives me no matter
what i’m thinking about
unconditional love

every day is earth day

the worms, so much
wiser than we,
know this

blessed be the dancing trees
blessed be the music of the heart
blessed be the wild cats
blessed be the watchful moon