Our Love Meets There

by Avril Amaya

Come down to the river bank with me, where everything green lives happily at the mother's breast,

Where I will love me and you will love you, and our eyes will meet and hold the gaze

a few seconds when time stops and we forget that I am I and you are you--

Our love, deeper than this dimension, meets there.

Children of the forest, we'll hop from rock to rock, with the bright sun touching our backs, and without words we'll play and pray and create and mate.

The great mystery dances between us, and in the light that flutters down between the leaves of the tall trees, who watch over the sacred waters--

Under the water, flesh and bones become less dense-- is the water inside remembering that it is just a drop in the ocean?

Does that knowing release a weighty burden and return it to unbearable lightness for a moment?

No escape just yet, it's time to come up for air,

and reanimate the mind machine, calibrating for this reality of denseness and dirt. From earth we were created and to earth we shall return, and in the meantime, keep your head above water.

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