Songs for the Great Transition

Do you have a Loved-One who is in their final days and on the cusp of transitioning out of their physical body?
The last days of life can be intensely emotional, healing, painful, and beautiful.
Avril Amaya offers a heartfelt service of singing to those at death's portal, holding space for their soul's peaceful transition during this important time.
Songs are from no one particular relgious affiliation; they are songs of devotion, love, nature, protection, blessings, mantras, lullabies, soul reminders, and are sung primarily in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Sanskrit. Energy work may also be performed, if called for.
A ritual for an important milestone in a person's and family's life can be a loving gift and treasured memory.
Songs for Transition Service:
1-2 hours in-home (or facility) visit, freely offered
(Please Contact to inquire about Amaya's current location/availability)