"Food Doctor"/Private Chef

Healthy. Delicious. Customized.
Meals prepared in your home.


Based in Austin, TX, Chef Avril has been working passionately as a plant-based private chef for over 6 years, serving the highest-quality health-based meals to clients and retreats in Miami, New York, Hawaii, California, Montana, Colorado, and Costa Rica.

This service is perfect for individuals, couples, and families who desire a fridge fully-stocked with meals specifically and lovingly crafted to their particular health status, tastes, and lifestyle needs on a regular basis.


*Initial in-person full consultation (~60-90 minutes, $140) to discover your specific health and nutrition needs, desired healing/wellness goals, favorite foods, allergies, taste buds, lifestyle, etc.

*Weekly emailed personalized menu and shopping list provided.

*Meal preparation and cleanup in your home on your weekly ‘cook day’.

*Storage and labeling of all dishes in your glass containers.

*Weekly feedback form emailed so that food becomes more and more custom-tailored and perfect-for-You each time!



*The ultimate in convenience and personalization-- no other meal delivery service from a set menu, meal kit boxes, or ordering in from restaurants (that use less-than-ideal ingredients) can match the level of health and taste Amaya's service provides.

*Eat your favorite dishes all the time, that also happen to be the healthiest for you. Take all the stress out of food.

*Save yourself ~10 hours of your time each week doing it yourself!


*Benefit from an expert's many years of experience knowing how to plan the perfect plant-based menus and create inventive healing 'recipes to spec'.


*Never get bored while you try new dishes every week that incorporate different flavors and cuisines from all over the world.


*Get excited about eating healthily and knowing that ingredients are clean and meals prepared with care.


*Invest in a convenient and enjoyable long-term strategy to a healthy lifestyle and feeling your best!


"Avril is an amazing chef who knows her stuff! My boyfriend and I work with her weekly--with her help, we have been able to resolve many of our health issues! We love Avril Amaya !!!"  -S.O.
"Your soup gave me a soul-gasm."  -K.A.
"You are such a lovely, deeply intelligent and very skilled healer."  -L.C.
"Everyones loves it!! Happy family, you did it!!!! <3"  -A.H.
"Wow! That was def the best massaman I’ve ever had. Spiced to perfection! You crushed it. Seriously so good!"  -B.K.