Light Bearers

by Avril Amaya

The Church is dark.

There is one candle.

The light that has always been and will always be. 

Above, a dark sky with a million sparkling lights.

Is there more dark, or more light, up there?

A perfect balance. Clarity of love.

The candle flickers.

As I light your empty wick, it takes some effort

In that millisecond, there is the confusion that comes

with relationship,

radiant gifts doubling as the gateway to pain

The Queen Is Now In

by Avril Amaya


Commune in the cadence of the mundo

Take time to tune in and tune on

The world hangs on a locket from my neck

A galaxy of stars in my belly

Don’t you see them shining?

Focus your inner eye

Dilate the pupil of your soul

Bite in to the apple

Come to know, go back to feel

When your body moves of its own accord,

Who Put All This Goodness Here?

by Avril Amaya

at times, the beauty was so
overwhelming that all i could
do was watch and cry

at times, the universe reveled with me
at its own majesty and cried too,
pouring warm rains on my body,

i hold my face up to the sky
and receive the blessing

Come down to the river bank with me, where everything green lives happily at the mother's breast,

Where I will love me and you will love you, and our eyes will meet and hold the gaze

a few seconds when time stops and we forget that

I am I and you are you--

Our love, deeper than this dimension, meets there.

Our Love Meets There

by Avril Amaya

The Heaven of All ness

by Avril Amaya

I am a channel through which spirit works,

cultivating light and the flowering of consciousness, 

each petal wet with the dew of knowledge and love, 

realized in the perfection of fractals, 

Growing towards the light and gracefully undulating on the currents of breath

Breathing in, the wind flows through my emptiness

Breathing out, form takes shape,

thoughts vibrating in to matter

Resting on a lake of glassy one ness

The ripples are felt in the whole pond

Go On And Live, Then!

by Avril Amaya

i spilled a bottle of love on the paper

it became moist and saturated

with the blessings of a sunrise

slowly rising up over the mountain

and an ocean of cold white clouds

heart bursting with joy and gratitude

i can't wait to live this day!

dance with me on your bare feet

shake your booty and laugh at yourself

this earth so fragrant with the juices of Life

Go on and Live, then!

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