by Avril Amaya

I am a channel through which spirit works,

cultivating light and the flowering of consciousness, 

each petal wet with the dew of knowledge and love, 

realized in the perfection of fractals, 

Growing towards the light and gracefully undulating on the currents of breath

Breathing in, the wind flows through my emptiness

Breathing out, form takes shape,

thoughts vibrating in to matter

Resting on a lake of glassy one ness

The ripples are felt in the whole pond

Thinking paradise in to being

Feeling Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother seducing each other,

Slowly and ever so sensually.

Earth, she drips with desire and Sun, he penetrates her each day with his beams of light

She blooms, oh does she bloom in the gaze of his love

Fields of wild flowers explode from her loins and waterfalls call out in ecstasy

My celestial womb is a reflection of the galaxy and Earth our mother, so come,

Do not be afraid 

For the heaven of All ness lies between my legs