Avril has been coaching people to healthy habits for over 5 years, sharing the secrets to a healing, sustainable and holistic food plan that nourishes and supports well-being and tastes amazing! 

With a research background, Harvard training, and insatiable curiosity, she has been devoted to the study of health from all vantage points for the last decade. Now, she uses a combination approach that incorporates the best from many schools of thought, including science-based and alternative wisdom. 

All the materials and strategies she develops are personalized to YOU. Because each individual is so different in their habits, needs, goals, and taste preferences, she develops a plan specifically for your life, and spends many hours researching and compiling the  optimal resources to deliver the most valuable guidance.

Offering health protocols, meal plans, recipes, hands-on cooking lessons, and guidance through the often-confusing world of nutrition, Avril breaks down the common questions of "What should I eat?!" "What is actually healthy?!" "How do I make my diet healthier with limited time?" and much more. She has worked with clients to complement treatments to reverse serious diseases as well as chronic issues, and firmly believes that food is (or can be!) medicine.

Note: Chef Avril is currently focusing her services on weekly meal preparation, private cooking lessons, retreat chefing, and group classes.

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