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The day that I met Avril was the day I knew that I could "beat" cancer. I am happy to say, one year later, I am cancer free. My last year has been a wonderful journey. Thanks Avril for your guidance and love. I couldn't have done it without you!

-Barbara C., Miami

As a medical doctor, I was impressed at how thoughtfully Avril put together a comprehensive diet plan customized to the tastes of both my wife and me. With hands-on coaching, we made her recipes with no more effort than it took to make a meal in our usual way. It was so delicious that we are now committed to changing our diet. 

-Dr. Paul D., M.D., New York City

Avril is an amazing chef who knows her stuff! My boyfriend and I work with her weekly--with her help, we have been able to resolve many of our health issues! Thanks so much for the amazing meals you make for us!We love Avril Amaya !!!

-Simone O., Austin

She's one of the most awesome people I've met and has inspired me so much. Her food is delicious and I think her beautiful energy is part of her ingredients in her meals. Seriously, contagious :)

-Jazhel D., Miami

Avril sings with a level of love and compassion that is uncommon. I felt held by angels when she sang to me. Through her voice, she holds

a space of love and healing.

-Jeff D., California

"Avril has a talent for preparing scrumptous and healthy meals like no other. Her tremendous talents in the kitchen are matched only by her smile and warmth as a person. The love and positive energy which flow in to the preparation of her meals have the power to bring people together in conscious union around the dining table.  

-Hans K., Miami

I normally don't choose vegan food, but Avril's dishes looked so amazing that it made me want to break out of my shell and try new things. In the end her food tasted better than the "normal" meals I was eating, with the added bonus that I felt healthier and more energetic.

-Joseph D., Washington D.C.

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